Sunday, October 27, 2013

Untitled #37

Club L mesh dress
$37 -

So in case you all were wondering, I am gonna be a sexy vampire for hallowen;)

Do you have any exciting Halloween plans??

In case youre looking for amazing makeup tutorials for costumes (and just in general)
Check out Carli Bybel on youtube!!  Shes amazing!  Awesome beauty tutorials.  Amazing personality.  Super duper sweet.  And totally inspiring <3  She's gorgeous and talented and just super super awesome.  Totally in LOVE with her posts!!  I'll Post a link below;)

Thank you all for reading!  I'll try to post more often.  Any other costume outfit ideas you'd like me to do?  Please share and I'll post some! <3 I love you all<3

happy Halloween;)

inner beauty channel-

second inner beauty channel-

her website!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Im tiredddd


how is everyone??

hopefully good???

as you all know (my instagram and twitter followers anyway)

I dyed the tips of my hair GREEEEN


 crazy green




Untitled #34

Thanks ffor stopping byyyy
Ill try harder next time. hah

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello world

So I am officially a cosmetology student!! 


Its been a full week.

but a good week

So anywho

How have you all been?? hopefully well.

I will be posting more often now I hope

So keep me updated yallll

Untitled #33

Cross top
$14 -

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey everyonee

again, sorry about my lack of posting. I am getting ready to go off to school!!  Yaaayy!

In seven days i will be settling down a bit and hopefully posting more...


bear with me. itll get better..

So we went shopping for school clothes and shoes on friday with my granddad and had a grand ole time!!  Untill we went to eat and our car was broken into and eerything waas stolen

bummer :(

it made me very very sad. but obviously they needed it :)

Soooo since i dont have any pictures of my purchases to show you, ill just do a polyore post :)

Also; check my instagrams (@all_the_pretty_little_things  and @octoberskye13)  for muccchhh more frequent posts :) 


just kidding.

i dont have any.

but follow me anyway :)  lots of my followers are computer followers and it makes me sad so i want REAL followers so follow me! :D  thank yeww!! <3

Untitled #32

Tattoo shirt

Black lace booties
$43 -


Topshop jewelry

Dorothy perkin

Mango jewelry
$15 -

Retro eyewear

$23 -